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Photos contained at this website are described below, along with a small version of the described picture (5K to 15K in size). By clicking on these smaller images (or on the underlined text) a larger image may be viewed. The approximate size of the larger image is also included in the description. The larger the image, the longer it takes to load.

Anyone wishing to contribute additional photos regarding the USS BUSH, it's crew, or activities surrounding related events may submit them to comments@ussbush.com. Such contributions are most welcome!

USS BUSH Profile (47K) USS BUSH profile.
USS BUSH In Camoflauge (66K) USS BUSH Profile in Camoflauge Paint Scheme
Divsion Command Change (55K) Destroyer Division Command Change - Captain John B. McLean, USN, ComDesDiv48, was relieved by Commander James S. Willis on January 31, 1945
Real Chief's At Home (35K) "The Real Chief" was often stationed stateside for many a brave sailor.
Cooks and Bakers (58K) USS BUSH Cooks and Bakers
Chief Torpedoman & S1c (40K) Cousins: S. R. (Ray) Mayhugh, Chief Torpedoman's Mate and Ed Bennett, Seaman 1st Class, pose on one of the smoke screen generators.
CTM (99K) Two pictures of CTM, S. R. Mayhugh and an image of an official telegram from the Chief of Naval Personnel notifying relatives of his fate after the ship was lost.
Rescued Naval Aviator (81K) January 17, 1945 - Two pictures of bosun's chair transfer of rescued naval aviators in Lingayen Gulf
Iwo Jima Assault 1945 (33K) Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima shows in the distance. The USS BUSH participated in the Iwo Jima invasion, providing fire support to US Marines among other duties.
USS BUSH Officers (90K) Most USS BUSH officers onboard in late July 1944 are pictured here.
SS BURKE explodes (33K) The ammunition ship SS JOHN BURKE explodes after being hit by a Japanes suicide plane. There were no survivors.
Near Miss On Transport (65K) A suicide plane narrowly misses a transport ship during a resupply convoy to Mindoro September 28, 1944.
USS BUSH - World War II (74K) The USS BUSH during World War II
Downed Japanes Torpedo Bomber (26K) Smoking remains of a Japanese torpedo bomber shot down by the USS BUSH on November 1, 1944 in the Surigao Straits, Philippine Islands
Ordnance Division Survivors (54K) Surviving members of BUSH's Ordnance Division pose for pictures on the USS HENRICO while enroute to San Francisco and 30 days survivors leave.
USS BUSH Torpedo Gang (49K) USS BUSH Torpedo Gang - Torpedomen were responsible for the ship's ten 21-inch torpedos, depth charges/k-guns, and often stood wheel watch on the bridge when not at their stations.
R. E. Westholm, Commanding Officer (44K) Cmdr. R. E. Westholm - USS BUSH Commanding Officer May 30, 1944 through April 6, 1945. Includes two photos.
CAP Photo Of Mortally Wounded BUSH (93K) Mortally wounded USS BUSH - Photo taken by CAP of USS COLHOUN (DD801) and smoke obscured USS BUSH April 6, 1945
May/June 1944 Overall (87K) Dockside photo at Mare Island - The USS BUSH undergoes overall at Mare Island California in May & June, 1944.
Army Officers on Bridge Oct. 1944 (47K) October 16, 1944 - Major General Charles F. Stivers US Army and Lt. Colonel J. McMicking, US Army Air Force on the bridge of the USS BUSH enroute to Leyte Island Invasion.
Embarking for Leyte Invasion (55K) Major General Charles P. Stivers, US Army embarks for the invastion of Leyte Island.
Editor of The Daily Twig (60K) James "Okie" Reeder, RdM3c, and publisher of the USS BUSH newsletter "The Daily Twig".
Charles Atwood (60K) Charles F. Atwood, S2c served during the early days of the BUSH life, until injury forced his departure.
Storekeepers (30K) USS BUSH Storekeepers part of the "S Division" which included storekeepers, cooks and bakers.
After Engine Room Crew (30K) After Engineroom Crew - Pictured are some of the men that ran the aft (rear) engine room.
USS BUSH Engineering Division (40K) Engineering Division sailors from the USS BUSH are shown in this 1945 photograph.
USS BUSH MM1c Burke and Enloe (20K) Machinist's Mates - Meet Gordon Burke, Joe Enloe, and a lifetime friend of Joe's.
Loading Torpedos (37K) Loading torpedos - Four of the first torpedomen to board BUSH are pictured loading torpedos while in port.
David Davey (20K) David Davey, S2c - Killed in Action April 6, 1945. Like so many who served aboard BUSH, he was a dependable and valiant young man doing his best, doing a tough job.
Charles Dixon & Rufus Van White (25K) Charlie Dixon and Rufus Van White take a break while the BUSH is repaired in May, 1944 at Mare Island.
Ed Stewart, RT2c (35K) Ed Stewart, RT2c was lost with the sinking of the USS BUSH. An American Legion Post has taken Ed's name in lasting tribute to his sacrifice.
USS BUSH - World War II (55K) Bow shot of the The USS BUSH during in World War II
No. 1 5-Inch Crew (50K) No. 1 5-Inch Gun Crew captained by Jim Collinson, GM2c. They called him "Pop" and the gun "Helen". Find out why!
Ben Albanese, S1c (16K) Ben Albanese, S1c helped to commission the BUSH, was later transferred, yet he was there on April 6, 1945 when BUSH was lost. Find out how.
Daniel Tontz, Lt. jg (25K) Dan Tontz, Lt. jg - One of several officers helping to manage ship communications.
Surviving Officers (50K) Surviving Officers - Most of the officers aboard when the ship was sunk are pictured on the USS HENRICO, the ship that transported most BUSH survivors back to the States.
Paul Trella, S2c (55K) Paul P. Trella, S2c was just 17 years old when he reported aboard BUSH on May 19, 1944. The Japanese "Divine Wind" would claim the life of Paul on April 6, 1945.
Cmdr. Thurmond Smith (26K) Meet Cmdr. Thurmond Smith. He was "Captain" of the USS BUSH from June 12, 1943 until May 30, 1944.
Ensign Bob Carney (50K) Ensign Robert "Bob" Carney receives a purple heart for wounds received during the April 6, 1945 attack that claimed the USS BUSH.
Koza, Petroni & Parker (26K) Two Gunner's Mates and a Cook! Ship's Cook Walter Koza and Gunner's Mates Mario Petroni and Harry Parker pose during break from their duties.
Officer's Club Kornuiat Island 1944 (79K) Kornuiat Island Officer's Club: The Destroyer and Cruiser Officer's Club on Kornuiat Island, in the Admiralty Group, is pictured in 1944, along with a photocopy of a club card.
More USS BUSH Survivors on the USS HENRICO (42K) More survivors of the April 6, 1945 sinking of the USS BUSH are pictured on their way back to the States. Can you help identify the unknown faces?
May 1944 Officers Photo (33K) Several Officers serving during the the first year of the BUSH experience are pictured with Commander Thurmond Smith, then Captain of the USS BUSH.
Admiralty Casualty - 1944 (180K) Admiralty Island Invasion Photos: Eight pictures taken aboard the USS BUSH by an Army private as he accompanied a number of wounded soldier's brought aboard ship for medical care. Links to a related report prepared by the ship's doctor, Lt. George Johnson, are also included. (This page will take longer to load with the number of pictures included.)
USS BUSH Medical Staff - 1944 (25K) The Medical Department: Four men assigned to the USS BUSH Medical Department are pictured. Three of these four were aboard for entire life of DD-529.
Lt. George Johnson - 1944 (25K) Meet Doc Johnson, a much admired respected shipmate on the USS BUSH. In addition to his medical duties, he was the ship's photographer and part time editor.
USS BUSH Commissioning Invitation (26K) A Commissioning Invitation is pictured for the ceremony held May 10, 1943.
1943 X-Mas Dinner Menu (37K) The 1943 Christmas Dinner Menu for USS BUSH is pictured. Looked pretty tasty!
S-Division Survivors (38K) S-Division Survivors: Enlisted survivors on the USS HENRICO after their ordeal of April 6, 1945.
Joseph Vernon Meisetschlager (38K) Joseph "Vernon" Meisetschlager, SoM2/c and lost in action April 6, 1945.
1944 USS BUSH CPO's (42K) Chief Petty Officers: Many of the Chief Petty Officers serving on the USS BUSH during the October 1944 Leyte Island invasion are pictured aboard ship.
Bosun Mates and Coxswains - 1945 (29K) Boatswains & Coxswains: Enlisted men of the ship's deck division pose in front of the 5-inch Gun Director, just weeks before the BUSH would succumb to enemy kamikaze attacks.
Lt. Cmdr. T. B. Owen - 1944 (29K) Meet Lt. Cmdr. Thomas B. Owen the ship's Executive Officer and Navigator as the BUSH supported the Iwo Jima and Okinawa invasions.
Lt. George Johnson with new mustache (180K) The Great Mustache Contest: As to which officer grew the best mustache, we may never know, but the photographic evidence should provide some good clues. Judge them for yourself!
Capt McLean Cmdr Willis (28K) ComDesDiv48: Find out what ComDesDiv48 means, and see two of the men who performed this important assignment.
BUSH refueled At Sea (31K) Refueled At Sea: The BUSH tops off her tanks as she prepares for the invasion of Leyte Island in The Philippines.
16MM Film Excerpt of Rescue 11/11/44 (153K) Rescue - Surigao Strait: Twelve still images recall the USS BUSH rescue of two US Army pilots on November 11, 1944. These images were captured from 16MM motion picture film shot aboard BUSH.
16MM Film Excerpt of Rescue 11/11/44 (301K) Crossing the Line: Sixteen separate images help chronical Navy tradition aboard BUSH as sailors cross the equator for the first time, and being transformed from Pollywogs to Shellbacks. Fun stuff!
Lt. (jg) E. Earl Sechrist (135K) More Faces of Those Serving: Eleven individual photos of eight officers and three enlisted men serving aboarb BUSH are displayed on this page, along with notations about dates aboard and duties. Some of these men did not survive the sinking April 6, 1945.
USS PORCUPINE (20K) Tanker USS PORCUPINE is struck on December 30, 1944 after reaching the island of Mindoro in The Philippines.
USS BUSH at Dutch Harbor (18K) At Dutch Harbor, Alaska the USS BUSH is pictured at anchor.
USS BUSH at Sydney Australia (13K) At anchor in Wooloomooloo Bay, a memorable place for a number of BUSH sailors!
Surgery At Sea (40K) Surgery at Sea could make quite an impression on the ship's crew. Here you can read what others wrote home about the subject, plus find a couple of photos of the Medical Department in action.
Anti-Aircraft Fire (21K) Anti-Aircraft Fire fills the air in this photo of action as the USS BUSH and other destroyers provide protection for convoy of transport and supply ships in late 1944.
Convoy Attacked (129K) Convoy to Mindoro attacked December 28, 1944. Nine images taken from newsreel footage shot from the USS BUSH are shown, including the loss of the liberty ship, SS JOHN BURKE.
Richard Burge, SM2c (31K) Richard E. Burge, SM2c, a Pearl Harbor survivor, was one of the experienced hands to help commission the USS BUSH. Fate would make his stay aboard BUSH a short one.
Torpedomen Woolfolk & Soo Hoo (21K) Proud Shipmates - Torpedoman's Mates 3rd Class Art Woolfolk and Thomas Soo Hoo are pictured with Ed Bennett, Coxswain. The two torpedomen served aboard BUSH from beginning to end.
T. I. Celebration (52K) T. I. Celebration - Several BUSH sailors have reason to celebrate at T. I., another Navy acronym for a place known to many sailors. Find out what T. I. means and why they are celebrating.
BUSH Radarmen (56K) Radar Survivors - Surviving members of the ship's radar crew.
USS BUSH Bridge Plaque (56K) USS BUSH Bridge Plaque - The St. Christopher's plaque pictured was mounted on the ship's bridge. St. Christopher is the protector of travelers. The plaque still survives today thanks to Bob Shirey, Electrician's Mate 3rd Class. Find out how both survived the sinking of BUSH on April 6, 1945.
Ensign Coit Butler and Lt. James Starr (38K) Fighter Direction Officers - Ensign Coit Butler and Lt. James Starr - During the last two months of the BUSH experience, a special Fighter Direction team was aboard ship. Learn more about the important role of this team and why Ensign Coit Butler found himself swimming twice while on radar picket duty!
ATF-108 PAKANA - Rescue Ship (273K) Rescue Ships - Nine ships providing assistance to the men aboard the sinking USS BUSH are remembered.
Clifford Brafford, F2c (245K) Rescue Sailors - This page includes a few pictures representing the several hundred sailors participating in the rescue of USS BUSH sailors.
APA-45 USS HENRICO (307K) The Trip Home - Images of the ships that housed and transported surviving USS BUSH sailors after their rescue. Includes two transports and two hospital ships.
Wellsburg, WV Boys (32K) Two Wellsburg Boys - Pictured are two Bush sailors, both from Wellsburg, West Virginia.
Bob Wise-S1c, Chris Mathewson, Ben Libassi-S1c (62K) Bob Wise and Ben Libassi - Both reporting aboard the USS Bush as brand new sailors on May 19, 1944. Both were still there on April 6, 1945.
PA Survivors - Official Navy Press Release 1945 (92K) 1945 Navy Press Release - An example of the work the Navy's Public Relations personnel performed is noted, in this case a short story about several USS BUSH survivors from Pennsylvania.
Richard Robertson - WT3c (32K) Richard Robertson - July 23, 1944 Accident Casualty. This former Water Tender 3rd Class recalls his early days aboard ship and the 5-inch gun accident in which he was critically injured.
Ted Majusick-F1c & Joe Chartrand-S1c (95K) Admiralty Islands - Los Negros Landing Veterans Ted Majusick and Joe Chartrand, two sailors from the troop transport USS HUMPHREYS (APD-12), recall the landings that began February 29, 1944. Both would come aboard the USS BUSH, one delivering wounded men for medical care and one as a casualty.
Moses Hubbard Bronze Star Press Clipping (82K) Bronze Star Receipient Moses G. Hubbard, Lt. (jg) is recognized in a 1947 newspaper clipping that tells of his actions during DD-529's last day afloat.
Myral Rose - RdM3c and Al Blakely - SoM2c (28K) Al Blakely - SoM2c and Myarl Rose - RdM3c were part of the Communications Division aboard ship. Both were assigned to the USS Bush from commissioning date until date of loss.
Bob Wise - S1c and Narvis Robinson - S1c (22K) Narvis Robinson and Bob Wise were two of a number of young sailors reporting to the USS Bush in May 1944. Fresh from boot camp, the coming year would have quite an experience in store for them and their new shipmates.
Carl Tillman - TM2c and Marvin Scott - TM2c (45K) Carl Tillman and Marvin Scott were two of the ship's torpedomen. Both perished on April 6, 1945. This photo page remembers both men. The page includes excerpts from a letter written to Carl Tillman's sister by the ship's Chief Torpedoman's Mate.
Gene Lukowski - TM2c (55K) Gene Lukowski, TM2c is remembered. Gene was one of five sailors killed in a 5-inch gun accident during bombardment and anti-aircraft excercises on July 23, 1944.
Ken Kalhagen - TM3c and 1943 Torpedo Manual (133K) Ken Kalhagen - TM3c and the 1943 torpedo school manual. Some of the ship's original torpedomen are shown along with images of two of the Fleet Torpedo School manuals used in 1943 and 1944.
Robert Aguilar - SKD2c (38K) Robert Aguilar, SKD2c, helped ensure the payload from one of the ship's 5-inch guns reached its targets and that his fellow shipmates were properly paid on payday. After the ship was sunk, reconstructing payroll records was no easy task.
#41 Gun Crew - Most Likely (40K) #41 Gun Crew - Most Likely! A picture of Ray Sobczynski, Gunner's Mate 3rd Class and some of his shipmates. Though not confirmed, it is believed the men in the photo were part of the Ray's Twin 40MM gun crew. Ray was the #41 gun captain.
Wesley Northey - BM1c (61K) Wesley Northey - BM1c is remembered, as a Silver Star recipient and brand new father. Wesley perished with the loss of the USS Bush. The page recalls some of the actions for which Wesley received the Silver Star; his love for his wife; and his excitement about parenthood. Excerpts from a letter to home provides insight into the mail censorship that was so common in WWII.
Miller West Beals - F2c (51K) Miller West Beals - F2c was one of the "older" new sailors when he reported aboard ship on July 27, 1944. Married and a father of two, Miller was reported missing in action on April 6, 1945.
Gene Younce - RM3c (58K) Gene Younce - RM3c served aboard the USS Bush nearly all of her existence, participating in every combat action she encountered.
Albert Brody - PhM3c (23K) Albert Brody - PhM3c : He worked with the ship's Medical Department from May 1944 until the last plane struck the ship in the late afternoon of April 6, 1945.
Ensign Jerome M. Rush (31K) Ensign Jerome Rush : An Assistant CIC Officer, this young Ensign would distinguish himself aboard ship during combat on April 6, 1945, receiving a Bronze Star. This page remembers Jerome Rush and provides some insights into the Navy's V-12 training program to help train the officers the Navy needed during WWII. Ensign Rush was reported missing in action after the sinking.
Stan (134K) Meet Stan "Stores" Gallaher : Part of the "S-Division", Stan Gallaher helped run the ship's store, handle payroll and keep a supply of ammo flowing to one of the 5-inch guns.
J. M. Cross - FC2c (242K) J. M. Cross - FC2c : A Fire Controlman aboard the USS Bush, J. M. was lost on April 6, 1945 earning a Silver Star for his actions that day. This page remembers him, his noble deed, as well as two other Fire Controlmen, Coy Phillips and Norm Handy.
Miles S. Burke - StM2c (53K) Miles S. Burke - StM2c, a man of great strength in body and character, was a recipient of the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his actions on April 6, 1945. This page recalls Burke and his unselfish, lifesaving actions.
Gilmer Thomas - S1c (35K) Gilmer Thomas - S1c, shares some of his memories as a young new sailor aboard the USS Bush.
Raymond Lockhart - WT1c (39K) Raymond Lockhart - WT1c, one of five men killed in a 5-inch shell accident on July 23, 1944 is remembered.
Ensign John Littleton (26K) Ensign John Littleton was the Executive Officer and Navigator aboard the LCS(L) 64 when the USS Bush was lost. Read how his actions, and those of his shipmates, were essential in helping save lives of USS Bush personnel. This page offers a glimpse at the duties of a ship's navigator, as well as how this 21 year old officer came to be his ship's XO.
John Hillan – FC1c (20K) John Hillan – FC1c was a valued member of the ship's Ordnance Division, serving aboard the USS Bush from commissioning date until just prior to the battle for Okinawa.
Lt.(jg) John G. Foster (71K) Lt.(jg) John Gordon Foster was part of the Fighter Direction team reporting aboard the USS Bush on January 27, 1945. A specialist in the most advanced radar of the time, Lt. (jg) Foster lost his life when the USS Bush was sunk. This page remembers Foster and his "Yankee Ingenuity".
Jack Day-CM2c, John Peterson-B2c, Curtis Stenson-WT3c (57K) Seattle, Washington Survivors - Three men from Washington, who helped commission the ship and survived her sinking are remembered - Carpenter's Mate Jack Day, Boilermaker John Peterson and Water Tender Curtis Stenson. This page includes quotes from Day and Peterson upon their return in 1945, as well as memories from Jack Day about the early day's aboard ship and his duties as a carpenter's mate.
Nicholas L. Kosty-F1c (113K) Nicholas L. Kosty-F1c - was listed as Killed In Action on April 6, 1945. This page remembers him, the letters received by his mother regarding his death, and one of the men who helped retrieve his body from the sea.
Lt. (jg) Richard P. Anderson (150K) Lt. (jg) Richard P. Anderson - was the ship's engineering officer. He helped put the USS BUSH into commission and was still assigned to BUSH at the time of her sinking. Lt. (jg) Anderson died when the first suicide plane struck the ship. This page remembers Anderson through several pictures and letters shared with his brother.
Edmond B. Bennett - Cox (150K) Edmond B. Bennett - Coxswain - was part of ship's deck division. Along with his cousin's help, he managed a transfer to the USS BUSH. Bennett would received a Letter of Commendation for his actions on the day BUSH was lost to 3 kamikaze planes. This photo page shares Bennett's vivid memories of shipmates and the day BUSH was lost.
Eugene N. Sanzi - Y3c (30K) Eugene N. Sanzi - Y3c - was a yeoman aboard the USS BUSH. This page provides a glimpse into the duties of the ship's yeomen through the memories of Yeoman Sanzi. He also shares memories of his feelings at reaching his first ship, his time aboard BUSH and the sinking on April 6, 1945.
Stanley Greenberg-MoMM1c (65K) Stanley B. Greenberg - MoMM1c - is remembered. Greenberg was a Motor Machinist's Mate aboard USS BUSH. He was one of those who did not survive the ship's final action on April 6, 1945.
John E. Lavelle-S2c (65K) John E. Lavelle – S2c - shares some of his recollections as the ship’s projectionist on movie night.
Fred D. Johns-RM3c (21K) Fred D. Johns – RM3c - is remembered. He served aboard DD529 for all but 3 days of the ship's life as a commissionined ship of war in the U. S. Navy.
Homer Paul Pace - MM1c (21K) Homer Paul Pace – MM1c - is pictured. He served aboard DD-529 from beginning to end, and lost his life when the ship was sunk.
Tony Wysocki - S1c (242K) Tony Wysocki - S1c : Seaman First Class Tony Wysocki is remembered. Wysocki was killed in action on April 6, 1945. He was awarded a Silver Star for his actions aboard USS BUSH during the ship's final hours.
Donnell Mills - MM2c (1500K) Donnell D. Mills - MM2c : Machinist Mate 2nd Class Donnell Mills is remembered. Mills was at his station in the forward engine room when the first plane struck the ship, killing all in that space instantly.
Jack Welch - S1c (1500K) Jack Welch - S1c : Seaman 1st Class Jack Welch is remembered. Welch survived the ship's sinking but not his time in the water.

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