"David Davey, S2c"

Killed In Action - April 6, 1945

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David S. Davey, S2c

When at general quarters, Seaman Davey was a powderman for one of the 5-inch gun crews. Gunner's Mate 2nd Class and 5-inch Gun Captain Joe McManus recalled, "Between July 29, 1944 until Februry 21, 1945 I stood regular watch and all General Quarters with Davey .... During this time I had different gun crews but always the same powderman Davey, and pointer Pat Moclair, and trainer Leo Weatherbee. To me these were the key jobs .... I could count on these men to do an excellent job."

On April 6, 1945 after the BUSH had been struck, the 5-inch guns were no longer able fire. The 5-inch crews went to their secondary stations. Seaman Davey was the bow hook on the Captain's Gig. With ammo exploding and the BUSH burning, those not seriously injured were asked to leave the gig and return to the sea. Davey and others did just that. In doing so, Davey helped improve the chances the gig could rescue wounded shipmates. Shipmates that might not be able to make it to a life raft or floater net.

It would be many hours before rescue craft arrived on station. Those still alive had to contend with exploding ammo from the BUSH, enemy strafing, long hours in the water, and the darkness of night. David S. Davey did not survive.

David's actions are representative of so many who served aboard the "Fighting 529". Men (and their families) who did their very best; to do the right thing; doing a very tough job.

David S. Davey

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