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Excerpts from Deck Logs

These enlightening excerpts provide good insight into the events impacting the USS BUSH and others. Logs provide details on weather, tactics, logistics, combat action, and life in general aboard a World War II U.S. Navy destroyer in the Pacific.

A review of the glossary may be helpful for those not familiar with the terminology in these reports.

These files are text files with a few links to selected photos.

Dates Description
Feb 29, 1944 thru March 3, 1944 Admiralty Islands Invasion
July 23, 1944 Bombardment Excercise Accident
November 1, 1944 Busy Day in Surigao Straits Supporting Leyte Gulf Operations
Dec 12, 1944 thru Dec 19, 1944 Ormoc Bay Resupply Efforts
Dec 27, 1944 thru Dec 30, 1944 Resupply Convoy to Mindoro
Jan 5, 1945 thru Jan 12, 1945 Lingayen Gulf Operations
June 1943 thru June 1944 Selected excerpts not included elswhere
July 1944 thru February 1945 Selected excerpts not included elsewhere

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