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USS BUSH (DD 529) - Surigao Strait

November 1, 1944

On this day the USS BUSH was on radar picket duty in Leyte Gulf, in support of the Leyte Island, Philippines invasion. This day's log recounts a busy day as the BUSH defended herself against repeated air and suicide attacks, and gave aid to the damaged ship USS ANDERSON.

The excellent performance of BUSH and her crew on this date earned her Commanding Officer, Commander Rollin E. Westholm, a special commendation. The barrage of fire put out by her 5-inch guns was also noted the next day during a broadcast by Japan's "Tokyo Rose" who noted, "Our aircraft attacked a lone American destroyer which had automatic 5-inch guns." A real tribute to the crews providing ammunition and loading these guns!

As this log excerpt notes, the destroyer USS ANDERSON was struck by a kamikaze late in day. The strike killed the ANDERSON's medical officer and a number of others. As the BUSH closed to render aid, the BUSH's medical team was temporarily transferred to the ANDERSON to help care for the injured.

In addition to reading the BUSH log excerpts on this page, excerpts from the ANDERSON's log can also be reviewed by clicking on the appropriate link below.

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Wednesday 1 November 1944

Watch Remarks
0-4 Steaming as before in accordance with Comdesron56 visual dispatch 290722 of October 1944 engaged in antisubmarine patrol and as radar picket from Amagusan Point, Leyte Island to Tamoyauas Point, Dinagat Island in Surigao Strait, Philippine Archipelago. USS BUSH is a unit in the Seventh Fleet(Com Seventh Fleet Vice Admiral T. C. Kinkaid, in USS WASATCH) and is assigned to Task Force 77(CTF 77 Vice Admiral T. C. Kinkaid, USN) and is further assigned to Task Group 77.1...... This task group is patrolling the entrance to Leyte Gulf acting as close covering group for the Leyte operation.....
...H. N. West, Lt.(jg), USNR.
8-12 .....0927-USS ANDERSON in Cabalian Bay between Leyte Island and Panaon Island reported sighting two Bettys. 0929-Sighted water skipping plane bearing 260o. 0930-Plane identified as Betty. Plane dropped torpedo aimed at USS ANDERSON. Went to general quarters. Sea was like a mirror, sky partially overcast with heavy cumulus clouds with a ceiling of about 2000 feet. Visibility was good up to 10 miles. A 5 knot wind was blowing from the east. 0934-Changed course to 270oT., 262opsc. Changed speed to 15 knots. Sighted 2 more Betties. 0936 Changed speed to 25 knots(262 rpm). 0940-Betty made run on ship from starboard. Commenced intermittent firing on various Japanese planes as follows. Commenced maneuvering using full rudder to keep battery unmasked and for evasive turns to avoid torpedoes and bombs maintaining assigned picket position in Suriago Straits between Leyte and Dinagat Islands. 0942-Heavy unidentified explosion felt. 0944-Another Betty commenced run on ship from port. 0946-Betty burst into flames and crashed into water about 100 yards off the port quarter. (Click here to see photo) 0951-Betty made run from port bow and dropped a bomb. 0959-Sighted another Betty bearing 050o, distance 10 miles. 1007-Betty made run on ship from port bow. Numerous hits with machine gun fire made on this plane. Began smoking heavily from after stack. After engine room having difficulty with burners. 1009-CTG 77.1 steaming in Leyte Gulf reported his formation under air attack and requested cover from the army air force at Tacloban. Army Air Force could not furnish cover. Air strips also under attack. 1010-Following material casualties either from noted explosion or from own ship's gunfire: Mk 4 radar, sound stack, TBL, TCS, and RBH radios inoperative, 1 depth charge impulse locker flooded when sprinkling system valve cracked, gun 42 lost power in elevation, gun 45 lost all power. 1011-No enemy planes in sight. 1021-All 4 boilers on the line. Ceased black smoke from after stack. 1023-Sighted Betty off port quarter. 1024-TCS and TBL radios back in commission. 1025-1JV phones back in commission. No enemy planes in sight. 1041-Sighted Betty to the north. 1042-Plane flew out to eastward into clouds. 1044-Sighted 2 Bettys to port closing. 1045-Took Bettys under fire. 1046-One Betty launched torpedoes and turned away. Other Betty crossed forecastle from port to starboard. 1047-Lieut. P. A. LILLY, Jr., USN, Executive Officer received wound, gunshot, right shoulder of minor consequence and SMITH, L. M., Flc, 962-52-10, USN received wound, gunshot, left thigh, moderate severity, believed caused by premature 40MM projectile burst. Betty launched torpedo. 1053-Mk 4 radar back in commission. 1056-Sighted 2 Bettys high overhead. 1100-Zeke dove on ship from out of clouds dead ahead, dropped bomb which fell on starboard quarter, strafed ship from bow to stern and attempted suicide crash dive. Zeke disintegrated and fell into water alongside starboard quarter. 1108-Sighted 2 Bettys bearing 210o, distance 5 miles closing. 1111-Took Bettys under fire. 1115-Bettys circled in area out of gun range. 1124-No planes in sight. Lots of unidentified planes orbiting in area according to radar screen......1140-Sound gear back in commission. 1141-Gun 43 back in full power control. 1145-Ammunition expenditures as follows, 426 5"38 common projectiles and smokeless powder cartridges, 2130 40MM service projectiles, 1350 20MM projectiles of various lots and indices. 1158-Rangefinder in Mark 37 director out of commission, binding in elevation.
...J. E. Zimmerman, Lieut., USNR.
12-16 ..... 1205-RBH radio back in commission. 1224-Resumed anti-submarine patrol of Suriago Strait.....1402-Enemy aircraft reported over Leyte Gulf. Went to general quarters. Heavy black smoke, like a ship burning , sighted on .....
...J. E. Zimmerman, Lieut., USNR.
16-20 .....1703-Radio report of enemy aircraft in vicinity. 1810-Sighted 3 planes bearing 300oT, radar range 10 miles. 1911-Observed AA fire at 250oT. Changed speed to 25 knots(262 rpm). Sunset. 1814-Observed 1 plane on fire to the west. 1815-AA fire observed from USS ANDERSON to the west. Heavy black smoke near USS ANDERSON. 1827-USS ANDERSON reported having been hit. 1818-Stood westward to close USS ANDERSON. 1843-Closed USS ANDERSON. Stopped. 1930-Pursuant to Commanding Officer's verbal orders, Lieut. , G. M. Johnson, M-V(G), USNR, and PELNAR, J., PhM1c, 342-51-52 were detached for temporary additional dutv aboard USS ANDERSON. 1950-Pursuant to Commanding Officer's verbal orders BRODY, A. D., HA1c, 895-01-02 was-transferred to the USS ANDERSON for temporary additional duty. 1954-AA fire observed to the northward in Leyte Gulf.
...J. E. Zimmerman, Lieut., USNR.
20-24 .....2003-Stood out into Surigao Strait at very slow speed on various courses. USS ANDERSON stood up Surigao Strait hugging the western coast. 2029-USS ANDERSON reported being under attack by torpedo plane. 2037-USS LEUTZE stood down Surigao Strait and relieved USS BUSH of patrol duties. In accordance with CTG 77.1 verbal orders took over guide of TU 78.3.5 consisting of USS ANDERSON (CTU 78.3-5) and LCI's and LCT's enroute to San Pedro Bay. Stood over in front of the little fellows getting underway from beaches on Panaon Island. 2145-Took course OOOoT., 351o psc and speed 11 knots(108 rpm) USS ANDERSON hovering off port quarter, landing craft in 3 columns astern...... 2306-AA fire observed ahead near San Pedro Bay.
...J. E. Zimmerman, Lieut., USNR.

Above day's log was examined by the Executive Officer, P. A. Lilly, Lieut., USN and approved by the Commanding Officer, R. E. Westholm, Cmdr., USN.

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