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This page will link you to four documents with memories of life aboard the USS BUSH. These memories should give the reader a sense of the drama, emotion, and camaraderie experienced by those aboard BUSH during World War II. It is a chance to view history through the eyes of those who lived it.

Nearly all of of these memories are at least 40 to 50 years after the fact. As one former sailor noted, "Take my memories with a grain of salt. I find sometimes things I am sure of are not so at all." That disclaimer stated, the editor believes the recollections chosen for this website provide a reasonably accurate glimpse of the BUSH experience, even though there may be some inconsistencies with minor details.

First Memories Page:
These memories recall the initial days of the BUSH; its tour of duty in the Aleutian Islands; and the Admiralty Islands invasion. Since BUSH deck logs from 1943 were skimpy on detail, this is a great place to read about shipboard life in Arctic waters!

Second Memories Page:
Chronologically sequenced, these memories recall incidents beginning with the accidental explosion aboard ship, the campaign in the Philippines, and the assault on Iwo Jima.

Third Memories Page:
Survivors share their experiences of April 6, 1945 as the BUSH is struck by three Japanese suicide planes. Gripping!

Fourth Memories Page:
With the ship gone and nightfall upon them, the lucky ones tell their story of survival. Their time in the water was just as treacherous as the attack that sank their ship.

Miscellaneous memories:
This last document includes a few fun, informative and enlightening thoughts not associated with a specific event in the ship's deck log or final action report.

The Editor would like to thank each former BUSH sailor, their spouse, or other family members that have taken the time to share and confirm the memories noted within these pages. Their willingness to assist on this project has been an educational, enlightening and very rewarding experience for this editor.

A very special thanks goes out to the family of former Lt.(jg) Earl Sechrist. The Sechrist family's gracious consent to allow this project to utilize Earl's article "Memoir of the Fighting 529" has been deeply appreciated. It provides a glimpse of BUSH that was not available in the deck logs, especially during 1943.

Do you have a USS BUSH memory or related photo to share?

If so, we would love to hear from you. Just email comments@ussbush.com with your story or picture.

We are always looking to collect additional memories from the BUSH era and related photos of her officers and crew.

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