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Other Great Web Sites

Click on the underscored titles to link to other great web sites with something fun, informative and interesting to offer regarding US Navy history.

This editor would like to thank the people associated with these web pages and organizations. All have been helpful in one form or another in helping to make the USS BUSH web site what it is today.

NavSource Naval History
A wonderful site, with a variety information and links to other websites and ships. NavSource Naval History represents a concerted and remarkable effort by many individuals to preserve naval history. They really do a great job documenting ships of all kinds. For instance, because of their efforts, images of an LCS(L) are available for use on the USS BUSH website. Four LCS(L)'s participated in the rescue of USS BUSH sailors. Included within NavSource is information about the USS YARNALL (DD-541), another distinguished Fletcher class destroyer serving in World War II, the Korean conflict, and then some! NavSource also includes details about the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941 and links to DANFS Online (The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships). If you enjoy U.S. Naval History, then NavSource is a must see site!

Tin Can Sailors
Tin Can Sailors is the national organization of Destroyer Veterans, boasting more than 18,500 members. Among other things, this site includes reunion information, photos, history, ordnance articles, and message center for routing a question through Tin Can Sailors. The message service was a helpful resource for the non-navy USS BUSH website author!

The USS KIDD (DD-661) & NAUTICAL CENTER is a a museum in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Sponsored by the Louisiana Naval War Memorial Foundation, this floating museum allows a first hand view of a World War II era Fletcher class destroyer. In addition, to preserving the history of this gallant ship and her crew, the museum seeks to honor all men and women of America's armed forces. The BUSH web site editor has had the good fortune to visit the USS KIDD and would recommend a visit to anyone having such an interest.

This website recalls another great Flectcher class destroyer, the USS NICHOLAS (DD-449). The NICHOLAS was the first Fletcher ever commissioned. This website chronicles NICHOLAS's long and distinguished career until her retirement from the United States Navy in 1969. It contains a variety of information and interesting pictures; even a photo of a torpedo as it is fired from one of the ship's torpedo mounts!

Patrol Craft Sailors - "Too Good To Be Forgotten"
This site has information about some of the smaller ships that served with distinction in World War II. Various types of patrol craft are described and representive pictures are included. These ships performed a variety duties. One of their ranks, the PCE(R) 855 rescued part of the BUSH crew after the BUSH was sunk. PCE(R) means Patrol Craft Escort - Rescue.

Destroyer History Foundation
This site is dedicated to chronicling the more than 100 year history of the United States Navy ships known as destroyers (a.k.a – “tin cans”). This website has many photos, often in color, with additional write ups to capture and share this 100 year history. Specific classes of destroyer are recapped, as are selected ship histories. For instance, the Fletcher Class destroyer, of which the USS BUSH was one of 175 such ships, is so outlined. Fletcher class design variations and specific squadrons are noted. It’s a great site to visit for those interested in a broader view of the type of ship the Navy calls “destroyer”

This site is dedicated to the global effort that created the many new military vehicles that became a key part of the fight to capture territory, move supplies and personnel, and defeat or capture the enemy. A number of great links to the information about various vehicles and aircraft that nations produced towards these aims in World War II. A special shout out to an industrious young lad in Mr. Jordan Christian's sixth grade class for helping to share this link and the fun information it contains.

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