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November 1, 1944

Excerpts from the deck logs of the USS ANDERSON (DD411) recall November 1, 1944.

The morning found the ANDERSON having escorted 4 LSM's and 6 LCI's to Panaon Island in the Philippines. She had anchored in CABALIAN BAY and the landing craft had been ordered to "proceed to the beach independently." An eventful day lay ahead for the ANDERSON.

As the morning kamikaze attacks began, ANDERSON advised others of the attacks and got underway. Her deck log includes observations about the simulaneous attacks on the USS BUSH operating in the Surigao Strait. Both the ANDERSON and BUSH survived the morning attacks. However, late in the day the USS ANDERSON is struck by a suicide plane. A number of sailors aboard the ANDERSON were killed or wounded. The ANDERSON's doctor, Lt. (jg) Joseph A. Morton, was among those lost. The USS BUSH closed on the ANDERSON to render medical assistance.

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Wednesday 1 November 1944

Watch Remarks
8-12 Anchored as before ..... 0920-Sighted enemy "BETTY" bearing 070oT, 3 miles opened fire. 0921-Ceased fire, expended 25 rds. of 5"/38 ammunition, no visible damage to plane. 0928-"BETTY" (Probably the same plane) sighted bearing 060oT, 12 miles, low and trailing smoke, jettisoned a torpedo. 0930-U.S.S. BUSH (DD529) shot down "BETTY". 0933-Two "BETTY's" sighted low on water, 12 miles to east. 0936-Lighted fires under boiler No. 3. 0937-Underway, maneuvering various courses and speeds in CABALIAN BAY so as to bring battery to bear on various enemy planes. 0942-Enemy "LILY" attacked low on the water from 120oT, (starboard bow). 0942-Opened fire at about 5000 yards, plane banked off to left at 2000 yards and passed out of sight over land at 270oT. 0943-Ceased fire, having expended 12 rounds of 5"/38 AA Common, 181 rounds of 40MM, 120 rounds of 20MM ammunition. 0946-Enemy plane observed shot down by BUSH 070oT, 11 miles ..... 0950-Opened fire on enemy "OSCAR" 058oT, 10,000 yards. 0951-Ceased fire, having expended 36 rounds of 5"/38 AA Common ammunition, planed dived and escaped over land, no visible damage to plane. 0954-"BETTY" sighted 090oT, 7 miles, course south. 0955-Reported to CTG 78.2 that we are under air attack. 0957-Radar contact on two unidentified aircraft 096oT, 12 miles; 116oT, 19 miles. 1002-Radar contact on friendly planes 000oT, 35 miles. 1009-AA fire from beach 050oT, 14 miles, radar contact on unidentified aircraft 044oT, 9 miles, closing. 1010-Enemy "BETTY" attacking low on water from 040oT (starboard bow), opened fire at about 6000 yards; plane dropped torpedo at about 1000 yards, emergency ahead flank, right full rudder, plane passed over the bow and disappeared over land at 290oT, several possible 20MM and 40MM hits observed. 1012-Ceased fire, having expended 64 rounds of 5"/38 AA Common, 180 rounds of 40MM and 120 rounds of 20MM ammunition, torpedo observed to pass close aboard astern. 1013-Maneuvering various courses and speeds as before ..... 1045-AA fire from BUSH. 1058-BUSH observed to shoot down a plane, 090oT, 7 miles. 1039 to 1135-Constant radar contacts on unidentified aircraft from east to southeast of ranges from 11 to 20 miles. 1110-BUSH observed firing on probable enemy "ZEKE" which appeared to be strafing. 1129-Two B-25's sighted 270oT, 5 miles, course 330oT. Made daily inspection of magazines and smokeless powder samples, conditions normal.
...T. B. Root, Lt.(jg), USNR.
12-16 Maneuvering as before ..... 1301-Let fires die under Boiler No. 1. Friendly planes within 15 miles from 1247 to 1600, a few radar contacts on unidentified aircraft all beyond 30 miles.
...T. B. Root, Lt.(jg), USNR.
16-18 Maneuvering as before ..... 1600-Lt. Col. WEBBER, USA, came aboard and reported plane this ship had fired at at 0942 was observed to crash in SOGAD BAY by Philippine Guerillas on PANAON ISLAND .....
...T. B. Root, Lt.(jg), USNR.
18-20 Maneuvering as before ..... 1807-AA fire from army forces PANAON ISLAND 245oT, 7 miles. 1809-Sighted 3 enemy "OSCARS" 232oT, 6 miles, altitude about 3,000 feet. 1810-Opened fire 6,000 yards. Lighted fires under boiler No. 1. 1811-Range opened to 12,000 yards, checked fire. 1812-One enemy plane (OSCAR) passing down starboard side on reverse course, range about 5,000 yards, resumed fire. 1812 to 1813-Plane hit by 5"/38 fire and burning swung in on starboard quarter to 180oR and crashed in flames on the port side at the break of the forecastle deck, ceased fire having expended 84 rounds of 5"/38 AA Common, 160 rounds of 40MM and 60 rounds of 20MM ammunition. Impact was from starboard portion of plane only, the remainder plunging into the water on the port side, carrying away ship's boat, amidships section covered with flaming gasoline, fires in laundry, ship's office and passageway adjoined thereto, root steam line punctured by fragments, steering by emergency controls and magnetic compass ..... 1826-Boilers No. 1 and 2 out of commission, speed 24 knots, maneuvering various courses proceeding to join BUSH about 10 miles to east, regained steering control on the bridge. 1830-Jettisoned all torpedoes, commenced jettisoning 5"/38 ammunition from No. 2 magazine. 1837-Ceased jettisoning ammunition having disposed of 63 rounds of 5"/38 AA Special, 12 rounds of 5"/38 AA common. 1855-Fires out, speed 5 knots(47rpm), steaming on 2000 yard circle about BUSH. 1935-Lt. G. M. JOHNSON, (MC) USNR, and two Phamacist's Mates and medical supplies came aboard from BUSH. 1059-Changed speed to 15 knots (139rpm), maneuvering various courses proceeding to cover, southeast tip of LEYTE ISLAND.
...T. B. Root, Lt.(jg), USNR.
20-24 Maneuvering as before. 2015-Changed course to the north conforming to coast, changed speed to 5 knots(47rpm). 2030-Enemy plane in surprise attack dropped torpedo close aboard on port beam, left full rudder, emergency ahead flank, torpedo was seen to pass astern. 2031-Heard heavy explosion. 2032-Changed speed to 10 knots(93rpm), steering various northerly courses conforming to east coast of LEYTE ISLAND. 2130-Proceeding south to join TU78.2.24 plus BUSH, which are standing north. 2149-On station 500 yards on left flank of TU 78.2.24 plus BUSH as guide, which has assumed OTC pursuant to orders from CTG 78.2 ..... enroute to SAN PEDRO BAY, P. I. 2350-MATTIS, Loyal Irving, CMM, USN and RIGGAN, Henderson Tinsley, CEM, USN, died of wounds received in action with enemny at 1813 this date.
...T. B. Root, Lt.(jg), USNR.

Above day's log was examined by the Executive Officer, G. E. Alexendar, Lieut., USN and approved by the Commanding Officer, R. H. BENSON, Jr., Lt. Cmdr., USN.

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