S-Division Survivors - 1945

A number of S-Division survivors pose aboard the APA 45 enroute to the States after the sinking of the USS BUSH on April 6, 1945.

The S-Division reported through the ship's Supply Officer, and consisted of bakers, cooks, stewards, and storekeepers.

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S-Division Survivors
From Left to Right:
Front Row:
Miles S. Burke, StM2/c - Clyde E. Williams, SC3/c - Walter F. Koza, SC2/c
Robert A. Sharp, Bkr2/c - Robert M. Aguilar, SKD2/c - Stanton L. Gallaher, SK3/c
Wesley W. Cain, S2/c

Back Row: Theo White, S1/c - Benjamin T. Libassi, S1/c - James L. Nelson, S2/c
Odas R. "Mac" McKinney, Bkr2/c - Robert W. Thompson, SC3/c - Benjamin F. Singletary, StM1/c
John A. Thompson, OC1/c - Harry R. Wall, St1/c

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