"Pennsylvania Survivors - Press Release"

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The Navy's public relations team was busy as survivors of lost ships returned home during the battle for Okinawa. Photos and short stories were the order of the day. The images below recall one such release for five USS BUSH survivors from Pennsylvania.

US Navy Press Release 1945 A copy of the US Navy's press release, from their Philadelphia, PA office. The USS BUSH had about 330 men aboard when lost April 6, 1945, 88 men were lost and leaving roughly 240 survivors.

The press release notes the recent arrival of 1700 survivors to Treasure Island in San Francisco, California. The size of that number provides a hint about the intensity of the Navy's efforts to help secure Okinawa for the allies.

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From Left to Right

Front Row: Clyde Williams-SC3c; Frank Loftus-S1c

Back Row: Donald Dyke-FC3c); Henry Tempest-S1c; William Farlow-EM3c

PA Boys Photo 1945
PA Boys - USS Bush Survivors

A few other Pennslyvanian's not included in the press release above survived the final actions of the USS BUSH. Some of those men were:

Bob Wise-S1c, 1945
Bob Wise-S1c
Stanton Gallaher-SK3c
Stanton Gallaher-SK3c
Ben Libassi-S1c
Ben Libassi-S1c

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