"Homer Paul Pace, MM1c"

Missing In Action - April 6, 1945

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Homer Paul Pace, MM1c

Homer Paul Pace was part of the shipís commissioning crew when the USS BUSH (DD-529) was officially put into service on May 10, 1943. His rate at that time was Machinistís Mate 2nd Class, suggesting he was one of the more experienced hands putting this ship into service. He would remain a part of the shipís crew for her entire existence as a United States Navy ship of war.

On April 6, 1945, Pace was lost in action with shipís sinking as a result of three Japanese suicide planes striking the ship while on radar picket duty off Okinawa. It is not known if he perished with one of the 3 planes to strike the ship, or during the long wait for rescue in the cool waters off Okinawa.

Homer Pace left behind a wife, Hattie Lou Pace, of Ringling, Oklahoma; as well as a brother and his parents.

Homer Paul Pace - MM1c

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