Aft Engine Room Crew

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The men in this picture operated the Aft Engine Room, and were part of the Engineering Division. The BUSH had two engine rooms below the main deck. Just forward of each engine room were two boilers. The boilers were vented through the ship's two smoke stacks. The stacks were often referred to as the #1 stack (or forward stack) and the #2 stack (or aft stack).

The forward engine room was situated below deck right between the #1 and #2 stack, just under the forward torpedo tubes, the laundry, and emergency radio room. The Aft engine room was located below deck, just aft of the #2 stack and below the #3 5-inch gun and handling room.

On April 6, 1945, the suicide first plane to strike BUSH crashed into the forward engine room, obliterating the room and everything above it.

USS BUSH Aft Engine Room Crew
After Engine Room Crew - From LEFT to RIGHT

Front two:Stewart Bishop-F1c, Alfred Kleinfelder-MM2c

2nd Row: Pasquale Marvici-F1c, Jack Randall-CMM, Joe Enloe-MM1c, Louis Berkowitz-F1c, Albert Daunoris-MM3c, Gordon Burke, MM1c

3rd Row: Unknown, Unknown, Robert Broomell-MM2c, Elroy Gallant-MM3c, Charlie Dixon-MM2c, George Carofino-MM1c

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