Joseph "Vernon" Meisetschlager - SoM2c

Missing In Action - April 6, 1945

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Joseph Vernon Meisetschlager, SoM2c

The picture shown here of Mr. Meisetschlager was thought to have been taken while he was serving in the Aleutian Islands. He served aboard the BUSH from commissioning until her sinking on April 6, 1945. At the age of 22, he was lost with the USS BUSH. As was the case for so many lost sailors, the specific details surrounding his death are not known. His family and friends would learn only that he had not survived.

J. Vernon Meisetschlager, SoM2c
He was known as "Vernon" to his friends back home in Moulton, Texas. He graduated from high school in 1942. He was the only son of his parents, Joe and Johanna.

As a sonarman, he worked in the Communications Division. Sonar equipment was used to detect submarines. Because of the pinging noise when sonar was operating, sailors such as Vernon were sometimes referred to as "ping-jockeys".

One thing for sure, Vernon was respected and liked by his shipmates. One shipmate, when asked of Vernon after more than 50 years, had no hesitation in remembering what a great shipmate Vernon had been. His shipmate recalled his own sadness when he learned Vernon had not made it, and noted Vernon was one "heck of a nice guy".

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