"Raymond Lockhart - WT1c"

July 23, 1944 Casualty

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Raymond Lockhart - WT1c
Ray Lockhart - WT1c
Raymond Lockhart, was part of the USS Bush commissioning crew, reporting aboard with a rating of Fireman 1st Class. Lockhart was one of five USS Bush sailors to be killed during gunnery exercises when a 5-inch shell unexpectedly exploded after exiting the #3 5-inch gun on July 23, 1944 in the Hawaiian Islands. He'd just recently been promoted to Water Tender 1st Class.

The day prior to his death, Lockhart had written a quick letter to his wife, Marie, thanking her for a new billfold he'd received from her as a gift. His letter also reassured his wife who'd just changed jobs. He wrote, "If you just save the allotment check, I'll save the rest on my end. Making First Class will just fill in what you lost by changing jobs." Signed "Oodles of love, Ray" the letter reached Marie after news of his death.

Raymond Lockhart is buried in the Golden Gate cemetery in California. In 1947 Marie received from the Navy Ray's World War II Victory Medal. When Marie died, more than 60 years after Ray, she was buried with him. Ray& MarieLockhart - WT1c
Ray and Marie Lockhart
Raymond Lockhart - WT1c
Ray's WWII Victory Medal

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