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Proudly Serving Aboard the USS BUSH

Pictured on this page are individual photos of several officers and three enlisted men who served aboard ship at various times.

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Lt. (jg) E. Earl Sechrist Lt. (jg) Edwin Earl Sechrist, served from commissioning May 10, 1943 through the loss of BUSH on April 6, 1945. His memories and notes about the BUSH experience are one of the primary sources of information regarding life in Alaskan waters. He was the ship's 1st Lieutenant, which among other things, meant he ran the Deck Division.

Lt. J. Gibson Lanier Lieutenant J. Gibson Lanier, the original Torpedo Officer. Reporting on May 10, 1943, he served aboard BUSH until December 1943.

CPhM Clarence Homer Chief Pharmacist's Mate Clarence J. Homer served aboard BUSH from beginning to end, becoming an integral part of the ship's Medical Department. The ship's doctor, Lt. George Johnson, described Chief Homer as "a prince of a person".

CQM Frank Hubbard Chief Quartermaster Frank Hubbard helped to commission the BUSH on May 10, 1943. Chief Hubbard left the ship in March 1945, just prior to the Okinawa operation.

Ensign Philip Dodd, Jr. Ensign Philip H. Dodd, Jr. reported to the USS BUSH on May 25, 1944. His duties were to assist the 1st Lieutenant. He remained assigned to the ship until her sinking.

Lt. (jg) Hilliard L. Lubin Lt. (jg) Hilliard L. Lubin was assigned to the USS BUSH from June 16, 1944 through April 6, 1945. He was an Assistant Gunnery Officer.

TM3c James C. Blair Torpedoman 3rd Class James C. Blair came aboard ship on July 25, 1944, two days after an accidental explosion killed five members of the ship's crew, including Torpedoman 2nd Class Eugene Lukowski. TM3c Blair is believed to have survived the initial strikes that led to the sinking of the BUSH on April 6, 1944. However, he did not survive in the water.

Lt. (jg) Sherman Pomerance Lt. (jg) Sherman Pomerance reported aboard November 19, 1944, as action in The Philippines was underway. Mr. Pomerance assumed the duties of the Torpedo Officer. On April 6, 1945, Lt. (jg) Pomerance was lost with the ship. He is believed to have survived the three kamikaze hits on the ship, but not his time in the water.

Lt. William R. Teague Lieutenant William Teague was assigned to the USS BUSH on November 23, 1944. His duties were with the Engineering Division. Deck logs show he was assigned the ship as of Februray 28, 1945, as the BUSH helped support the landings on Iwo Jima, but was transferred before the sinking April 6, 1945.
Ensign Duane Moffit Ensign Duane Moffit came aboard ship on January 30, 1945. His assignment was to assist the 1st Lieutenant. Two months and one week later, Ensign Moffit's life was lost as the BUSH died helping protect the Okinawa invasion forces against Japanese air and kamikaze attacks.
Commander Rollin E. Westholm on the Bridge Commander Rollin E. Westholm, on the bridge of the USS BUSH. He was the Commanding Officer of the USS BUSH from May 30, 1944 through April 6, 1945.

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