Officers Photo - Most likely May, 1944

Commander Thurmond Smith, the BUSH Commanding Officer from June 12, 1943 until May 30, 1944 is pictured (in the center of back row) with a number of the other officers aboard BUSH.

Best guess is that this photo was taken shortly after arrival at Mare Island on May 4, 1944 and before Commander Smith left the ship.

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USS BUSH Officers May 1944
From Left to Right:
Back Row:
R. L. Wilcox, Ensign, Asst. Engineering - Moses G. Hubbard, III, Lt.(jg), Asst. Gunnery - George Johnson, Lt., Medical Officer - Thurmond A. Smith, Commander, BUSH Captain - P. A. "Tony" Lilly, Lt., Executive Officer & Navigator - Doble Doyle, Lt.(jg), Supply & Disbursing - J. E. Zimmerman, Lt., Torpedo

Front Row: Harry C. Stanley, Lt.(jg), Gunnery - G. B. Treide, Lt.(jg), Asst. Gunnery - Robert H. Buchanan, Ensign, Asst. Engineering - N. P. Foss, Ensign, Asst. Torpedo - Edwin Earl Sechrist, Ensign, 1st Lieutenant

Ratings and duties shown were as of May 1944.

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