The Torpedo Gang

Torpedomen were responsible for torpedos and depth charges. Torpedomen would often spend time on the bridge as part of the "wheel watch" when not involved in other duties. During enemy air attacks, torpedomen would often help in passing anti-aircraft ammo to some of the 20MM or 40MM guns. Since the torpedo gang had more men than needed to man the torpedo mounts and depth charges during combat, some of the men were assigned to other battle stations, such as a 20MM gun.

A number of torpedomen are pictured here aboard the USS BUSH in November 1944.

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USS BUSH Torpedo Gang From Left to Right:

Front Two (on right with legs crossed): F. H. Tennessen-S1c, D. J. Anderson-S1c

Along the Back: J. J. Tybuszewski-S1c, J. C. Blair*-TM2c, G. E. Kasparek-TM1c, T. A. Borroz-TM1c, F. X. Palidino-TM2c, R. E. Youngren-S1c, M. Scott*-TM2c, C. G. Tillman*-TM2c, H. R. Williams-S2c, S. R. Mayhugh-CTM

*Died with sinking April 6, 1945

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