"Various Survivors Aboard APA45"

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The men below are survivors of the April 6, 1945 sinking of the USS BUSH. They are pictured aboard the USS HENRICO (APA 45) enroute to the United States for 30 days survivor's leave.

More USS BUSH Survivors Onboard the HENRICO
Best information on those pictured above is as follows:
From Left to Right:
Top Row:
Unknown, Clarence J. Homer-CPhM, Tony Arzola-S1c, Ed Havey-Lt.(jg), Dan Tontz-Lt.(jg), Dr. George Johnson-Lt., Howard West-Lt., Raphael (Ray) Moses-Lt., James W. Greene-S1c, Unknown, Unknown

Second Row From Top: Unknown, Robert F. McGrath-RdM2c, Stanton L. Gallaher-SK3c, Clarence A. Toenniges-Y1c, Myarl R. Rose-RdM3c, Robert E. Daugherty-RdM2c, Alvin S. Livers-S1c, Unknown, Wilbur Mulvaney-RM3c, Unknown, Fred D. Johns-RM3c.

Third Row From Top: Unknown, James S. "Pat" Carney-RdM3c, Unknown, Kenneth L. Smith-S1c, Joe Pelnar-PhM1c, Leroy F. O'Laughlin-RM1c, Dan J. Miley-RdM3c, Walter "Bud" Serviolo-SM3c, Herschel Northcutt-S1c, Eugene N. Sanzi-Y3c

Bottom Row: George A. Kent-RT1c, Unknown, Charles (Chuck) J. Taly-S2c, Robert C. Davis-RT2c, Sanford O. Akers-S1c, Elmon "Gene" Younce-RM3c, John W. Sandt-RdM3c, Edward D. Cregut-S1c

Can you help identify some of the unknown faces? Or perhaps you can help correct an error made in the names associated with the faces above (despite best efforts, it is easy to make an error after more than 50 years!). Send your comments via the email link that follows.

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