"#41 Gun Crew"

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USS Bush - Picture thought to be the #41 Gun Crew
Though not confirmed with absolute certainty, the above picture is thought to include some of those Bush sailors assigned to the #41 twin 40MM gun. The #41 gun was located on the starboard side, just below the bridge and aft of the #2 5-inch gun. Based on comparison to other photos taken in front of the 5-inch gun director, this picture is believed to have been taken in February 1945.
The men in the picture have been identified as noted below.

Bottom Row (left to right): Unknown, Ray Sobczynski-GM3c, Paul J. Wallace-S1c, Theo White-S1c, Unknown

Sailor at top: Richard Vertz-S1c

A Bit About the Picture Men:
Ray Sobczynski served aboard the USS Bush from her commissioning date to her date of loss. By the time this photo was taken he was the #41 gun captain.

Each of the other three men identified in the picture reported to the USS Bush on May 19, 1944. At that time, each held ratings of Seaman 2nd Class. Based on their young faces and May 19th rating, these three crewmen were thought to be brand new sailors fresh from boot camp in May 1944.

Richard Vertz died with the USS Bush on April 6, 1945. Official reports list him as missing in action.

Can you help identify some of the unknown faces?
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