Officers Photo - Late July, 1944

Pictured below are most of the officers serving aboard the USS BUSH in late July, 1944.

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USS BUSH Officers
From Left to Right:
Back Row:
R. H. Buchanan, Ensign - C. V. Jostes, Ensign - R. E. Westholm, Lt. Cmdr. -
P. A. Lilly, Jr., Lieut. - R. P. Anderson*, Lt.(jg) - J. E. Zimmerman, Lieut. -

Middle Row: H. N. West, Lt.(jg) - E. E. Sechrist, Lt.(jg) - R. L. Wilcox, Ensign -
N. P. Foss, Ensign - H. K. Woodhurst*, Lt.(jg) - S. M. Matich, Ensign

Front Row: Dr. G. M. Johnson, Lieut. - R. J. Moses, Lt.(jg) - R. R. Carney, Ensign -
H. L. Lubin, Ensign - E. T. Havey, Ensign - P. H. Dodd, Jr., Ensign

*Died with sinking April 6, 1945

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