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A World War II Fletcher Class Destroyer

This site contains deck logs, photos, crew memories, a glossary of terms, and other information about the USS BUSH. It is an example of life aboard a World War II U.S. Navy destroyer.

Commissioned May 10, 1943, the USS BUSH was sunk by Japanese suicide planes April 6, 1945. This page is dedicated to the brief, yet active life of this fine ship.

Objectives of this site include:

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Short History Official short narrative from the Department of the Navy regarding the USS BUSH.
Deck Logs Excerpts from actual Deck Logs created by the officers of the USS BUSH. Provides great insights and reference materials.
Final Action Reports Text from the final reports prepared by the ship's commanding officer after her sinking by suicide planes off Okinawa. These reports summarize the BUSH's last weeks, her final day of action, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future. Also included are excerpts from the final report by the ship's medical officer AND excerpts from the deck logs of those ships rescuing USS BUSH personnel.
Photos Photos of events and men. Some are linked to deck log excerpts.
Recollections Memories shared by officers and crew of the USS BUSH
Ship's Poetry Poetry created by USS BUSH officers and men during World War II.
Sailors Lost A list of those USS BUSH sailors who did not come home from World War II.
Fletchers A few details about Fletcher class destroyers.
Glossary Definitions for many acronyms and terms found in the ship's deck log, such as "Betty", "CAP", "LCI", and enlisted personnel ratings.
Links Links to other great web sites with something fun, informative and interesting regarding US Navy history, Fletcher class destroyers, or similarly sized ships. This page now includes access to an excerpt that author David Sears' has shared with ussbush.com from his book At War with the Wind.

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